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Course Outcome


1 Module

The complete course consists of 1 video module and 1 PDF manual which include self-assessment

The purpose of this training module is to offer instruction in correct handling and storage procedures with “portable (packaged) compressed-gas cylinders”. Portable gas cylinders are used in virtually every factory, fabrication-plant, workshop, laboratory and shipyard. It can be said that these items are so common that they almost go unnoticed, that is, until one becomes involved in an “incident”!

It is now the duty of all employers to instruct their employees on any hazard associated with their occupation, and how to prevent “incidents” or accidents on their plants. It is also the duty of all employees to adhere to “safety rules” and to handle, and store any hazardous substance or product in a safe and a responsible manner.

It is the aim of this, and related modules, to assist in assuring that all risks are “minimised” through an understanding and knowledge of “safe working practices”.


Module 1 – Safe Handling of Portable Gas Cylinders (GS – PCH)

Topics covered include:

• Identification of cylinder types
• (Positively) Identify cylinder contents
• Inspection of cylinders
• Handling of cylinders
• Proper storage practices and cylinder disposal


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