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The Forklift Operator Training Series is a comprehensive training aid in the field of Forklift Operator training for codes 1 to 4 vehicles and features a wide range of popular models.

The programme serves as an effective training aid for existing training courses, as well as a valuable aid in refreshment training.

4 Modules

The complete course consists of 6 video modules and 2 PDF manuals which include self-assessment

Module 1 – An Introduction to Forklift Trucks

After completing module 1, learners will understand the construction and basic operation of a typical counter-balanced forklift truck. For checking and reporting purposes they will be able to identify the major parts, components, controls and systems that feature on conventional trucks.

Learners will also be able to differentiate between diesel, L.P gas and electric vehicles and be able to identify and understand the function of instruments and warning devices, found on a typical forklift truck’s control panel.


Part 1 

  1. Purpose and Basic Designs
  2. Standard Vehicle Construction
  3. Engine Systems

Part 2

  1. Transmissions
  2. Braking System
  3. Steering System
  4. Hydraulic System
  5. Instrument Control Panel – Engine driven
  6. Instrument Control Panel – Electric vehicles

Module 2 – Start up & Shutdown Procedures

Module 2 deals with pre-start checks / procedures, start-up procedures, system operating checks and shutdown procedures. This module is a valuable training resource in teaching learners to perform pre-start inspections, start-up checks and procedures and shutdown procedures for Diesel, L.P Gas and Electric driven vehicles. The module also deals with the correct procedures and safety precautions when parking a vehicle.


Part 1 

  1. Driver compartment checks
  2. Body and Chassis Checks
  3. Engine Compartment Checks
  4. Other Fluid Checks
  5. Lifting Apparatus Checks
  6. Wheels and Tyres
  7. Checks for Leaks

Part 2

  1. Start-up Checks and Procedures
  2. System Operating Checks
  3. Shut Down Procedures
  4. General Close Down Checks
  5. Engine Shut Down Procedure

Module 3 – Basic Vehicle Handling Techniques

Module 3 in the series consists of basic vehicle handling techniques.

After successfully completing this module the learners will be able to drive a forklift vehicle in a safe, responsible and correct manner in and around the workplace.

They will be able to approach, pick up, travel and deposit a load.

Safety procedures and rules, both personal and whilst operating a Forklift Truck, are made clear.

Module 4 – Refuelling & Battery Charging

Module 4, the last module in this series deals with refuelling and battery charging.

After completing this module learners will understand the general safety procedures at refuelling and charging depots. They will be able to refuel diesel, petrol and LP Gas vehicles and for electric powered vehicles they will be able to replace the battery.


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